Kerala Ayurvedic Massage Karama Dubai

At Tantric Ayur Spa, Our professional ayurvedic massage service in Dubai, will revitalize the body and restore the tired mind. In Dubai, we provide a comprehensive range of traditional Kerala Ayurvedic massage in Dubai. Our therapies harness your body's unique healing powers through a passionate approach. Ayurveda treats the disease produced by bioenergy imbalances between the three 'humor' of the 'Tridoshas' of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. We use natural therapies to restore this humor. Ayurveda has a long history of specific detoxification therapies for the body and mind, such as steam therapy, oil massage, and Panchakarma therapy, as well as specialized rejuvenation treatments for the body and mind that boost immunity and slow degeneration. This is a one-stop spa that provides a variety of services based on the true principles of Natural Sciences.

The highest levels of quality will be ensured for therapy and pharmaceutical preparations by our professional massage therapists. We provide authentic Ayurvedic therapy that treats the problem at the root. Our customized health and beauty care packages are tailored to address conditions such as stress, respiratory issues, eye difficulties, and skin disorders.

We provide Abhyangam, Elakizhi, Pizhichil, Shirodhara, Steam Bath, full-body massages, slimming massage treatment, rejuvenation & stress reduction relaxation massage, and other traditional Kerala ayurvedic massages in Dubai. Come in and try our authentic Ayurveda personalized & customized treatments that will help your body and mind relax.


Abhyangam is the practice of massaging the body in a coordinated way in the direction of arterial blood flow. It means rubbing the body in the direction of body hair. The scientific explanation for this is that if the massage is done towards the heart, or in other words, in the opposite direction of the body hair, it will enhance blood flow to the most remote portions of the body while avoiding overloading the heart through greater venous return.

Oil, herbal powders, herbal pastes, or ghee can all be used for abhyanga. Ayurveda recommends it as part of a regular practice. It is used to treat pain, stiffness, and fatigue. It's also a key component of snehana, or oleation, which is a necessary step to Panchakarma treatments, the five Ayurvedic cleansing therapies.


Elakizhi, which comes from the ancient Ayurvedic practice of using medicinal leaves to treat arthritis, joint pain, muscle cramps, and stress, is a massage treatment that uses medicinal leaves to treat arthritis, joint pain, muscle cramps, and stress. This therapy is very beneficial for bone and joint inflammation, severe back pain, spondylitis, and sports injuries. This therapy uses a combination of herbal leaves. Prior to the therapy, the herbs are cleansed, dried, and crushed. Using appropriate cloth, these are then tied into a bundle. Medicated oil will be applied to the body as needed for certain situations or as directed by a doctor. It helps with spinal muscular inflammation and has been shown to help with mild backaches, cervical spondylitis, frozen shoulder, pain, stiffness, etc.


Thiss is the most unique Ayurvedic therapy, in which a continuous stream of heated herbal oil is poured onto an individual's forehead. The ayurvedic therapy Panchakarma Shirodhara is one of the most efficient therapies for the neurological system. This Ayurveda therapy is quite beneficial in calming and relaxing a person while also purifying the mind and nerves. Panchakarma Shirodhara therapy is beneficial for Vata and Pitta dosha, according to Ayurveda. The out-of-balance Vata dosha develops as anxiety, insecurity, and panic racing thoughts, whereas the out-of-balance Pitta dosha manifests as anger, irritation, frustration, judgments, and other negative emotions. We can oppose the attributes of the out-of-balance doshas with the quality and action of Shirodhara therapy.


Pizhichil is a treatment that combines oil massage and heat therapy. All regions of the body except the head are subjected to this therapy, which consists of a gentle, synced up and down massage. The patient should lie down on the treatment table, and the massage will be performed by skilled therapists under the supervision of a physician. This therapy is given in seven different postures to ensure that no part of the body is overlooked. The procedure begins with an Abhyangam and ends with pizhichil. The patient's body is uniformly squeezed with a cloth bathed in lukewarm medicinal oil, and the oil is then massaged smoothly over the patient's body by massage therapists on either side. A 90-minute treatment may include continuous oil pouring over the body, followed by massaging and activating the skin with palms and special cotton cloths.

Swedana Steam Bath

Medicated Swedana with Mixed Herbs is used to wash out impurities from the body, reduce obesity, extra fat, and skin problems, and generate a state of balance that improves overall health. The patient getting a steam bath sits in a medicated box with their head sticking out. This box contains a mixture of herbs that are employed according to the patient's imbalance. For around ten minutes to half an hour, the user sits in the steam generated by the medicinal wooden box filled with herb-infused steam. This therapy works by driving into the deeper layers of the skin, reducing stiffness, relaxing muscles, and alleviating arthritic pain. Sweating aids in the removal of toxins and the improvement of skin texture.

Full Body Massages

You will lie down on a comfortable table while the massage begins, and the massage therapist will begin massaging warm, scented herbal oils into your entire body, including your hair, in a regular motion. These ayurvedic oils penetrate deeply into the skin, allowing their therapeutic powers to be delivered straight to your cells, boosting your immune system

The therapist will utilize a variety of methods with their hands to remove toxins, calm the nervous system, and help you rest and revitalize. Strong strokes to relieve tension, delicate stroking to loosen knots, and kneading and gentle pressing to promote more softness into your skin are some of these techniques. Therapists will coordinate their breathing to match the method they're doing to maximize efficiency. This procedure usually takes between 30 and 90 minutes to complete.

Rejuvenation & stress reduction relaxation massage

Rejuvenation & stress reduction relaxation massage is suggested for pain and stiffness. The therapy increases energy levels while also rejuvenating and relaxing muscles. It also improves skin tone and helps you sleep. Tantric Ayur Spa offers a variety of nutritious services to our precious clients in Dubai. Our therapists are skilled in a variety of calming treatments that can help you relax and look and feel better. Our massage and spa menu features a variety of organic treatments and therapies from across the world to help you find harmony in your mind and body. Our skilled facial treatment will nourish, moisturize, and exfoliate your skin, while our massages will reduce chronic discomfort in your body. Improved blood flow, increased mobility, lower stress, and bright skin are just some of the health and well-being advantages of frequent sessions.

Slimming Massage Treatment

Our natural Kerala ayurvedic massage in Dubai therapies can help you not only lose weight but also shape your body and cleanse your skin. This therapy also energizes your body and mind by stimulating internal organs and blood circulation. Now you may quit worrying over your body and start dreaming about a well-shaped one. Tantric Ayur Spa's slimming program is mostly focused on body shaping.


What is an Ayurvedic massage like?
All Ayurvedic treatments are to help calm the mind and bring clarity and grounding at the physical, mental, and emotional levels. These treatments and massages include warm oils that also help nourish and rejuvenate the skin.
What should I think about my first Ayurvedic massage?
It will begin with a consultation with a specialist who will first determine your body's Dosha before recommending the proper massage oil. Checking your general health, detecting any particular aches, and ensuring there are no pre-existing diseases that may be harmed by the massage are all part of this process. After the conditions have been confirmed, the massage (which will be performed by a professional masseuse) will begin and last around one hour. Throughout the procedure, the oil is massaged into various regions of the body to promote relaxation and nourishment.
Are there any negative effects of Ayurvedic massage?
Ayurvedic massages have no known adverse effects. Because of the warm nature of the oil used, some people may have chills, but a message has no negative side effects.
Why try Ayurveda?
Many clinical studies have shown that Ayurveda and ayurvedic therapy procedures are successful. In the case of chronic sickness that cannot be adequately treated by conventional medication, Ayurveda should be the first option. Ayurveda attempts to cure not just sick individuals, but also healthy people who may become unwell due to stress, family difficulties, and other factors.